Paladino's 1st full length Album,
"Friend a Dinosaur", 
​​available everywhere
Dec 1st, 2017.

"a controlled unison of energy"
-Jamie Robash, No More Division

Equally rich in meaning and melody, Paladino delivers honest, heartfelt lyrics and soaring, stirring harmonies.  Their songs blend genres (Americana Rock, Indie Folk, Progressive Bluegrass) with poetic imagery and novelistic detail, shot through with real emotion and dynamic musicality.

Founded in late 2014, long-term friends Mark Harrig (mandolin/vocals/guitar) and former band member Phil Wamser (concertina/keyboard) set out to start a bluegrass band.  Having picked up a mandolin and concertina, they both joked about their miniature instruments and thought to start a bluegrass band.  Yet, the addition of new friends Matt Webber (guitar/bass), Weston Grit (bass/guitar) and Chad Burgess (drums) brought new influences and instrumentation.  Burgess frequently blames himself for derailing the band from its bluegrass trajectory and morphing into the Americana Rock/Folk band they are today.  Their collection of songs display a wide array of stylistic diversity due to each member of the band contributing their personally written songs, lyrics and vocals.
In 2016, Paladino released their debut EP “Bellows” which was nominated for 88Nine Radio Milwaukee’s Album and Independent Release of the Year.  The release covers a broad spectrum of subject; from nostalgia, volatile relationships, an Iowa axe murderer, and a day in the life of a turtle. 

Following Paladino’s debut release, they began immediately writing and recording their first full-length album of all new material due to be released Dec 1st, 2017.  Titled “Friend, a Dinosaur”, a play on Paladino’s name, the upcoming album embraces their alt-country and rock roots, while maintaining the multiple lead singer format.  Gone are the classical-inspired layered arrangements juxtaposed with arty folk.  In their place: overdriven and melodic electric guitars, riff-based anthems and harmony saturated hooks.  They set out to make the loud louder, the quiet quieter, and most importantly keep the two dynamics existing in harmony.  Those who had appreciated their quirky lyrics will not be disappointed; “Friend, a Dinosaur” runs a whole new gamut of unconventional subject. 

"Diverse? Definitely. But when you listen to their music, rich in melody and meaning, it makes sense."
-Sarah McClanahan, 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

 Mark Harrig (Vocals/Mandolin/Guitar/Flute)
Matthew Webber (Vocals/Guitar/Bass)
Weston Gritt (Vocals/Bass/Guitar)

Chris Haise (Keyboard)
Chad Burgess (Drums). 

"imagines what Queen might have sounded like if they were an acoustic act with a mandolin."
-Evan Rytlewski, Shepherd Express 


2016 Radio Milwaukee Music Award Nominee for Band of the Year
2016 Radio Milwaukee Music Award Nominee for Album of the Year
2016 Radio Milwaukee Music Award Nominee for Independent Release of the year.

2016 WAMI CD Roulette Winner​

"The group’s lush new album, Friend a Dinosaur, puts that reinvention on full display.....it’s a brisk roots rock record that lands somewhere between the uplifting strumming of The Avett Brothers and the Heartland-leaning modern rock of ’90s acts like Toad the Wet Sprocket and Gin Blossoms.."
-Evan Rytlewski, Shepherd Express 

  1. Thursday, Sept 7th @ 10PM
    Bremen Cafe
    **Our Timing was Wrong USA Tour** Opening for Peasant Moon
  2. Saturday, Sept 16th, 2017 @ 11am
    13th Annual Bayview Bash
    Middle Stage https://www.facebook.com/bayviewbash
  3. Wed Sept. 20th, 2017
    Sofar Sounds - Var Gallery
    SoFar's #GiveAHome event with Amnesty International. 300 intimate shows, in 60 countries all taking place on 1 day.
  4. Friday Dec 1st, 2017
    Album Release Show - Linneman's Riverwest Inn
    Join us as we release our first full length album, "Friend a Dinosaur".
  5. Thursday Nov 30th, 2017
    414 Music Live - 88Nine Radio Milwaukee
    Tune in to 88.9 Radio Milwaukee on your radio to hear us perform a live concert.....Or come down to Radio Milwaukee to see us live.
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Contact: Chad Burgess | contact@paladinoband.com | 414.469.8910